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Most people have never heard of Vision Therapy. The first time is typically when their optometrist mentions that their child, who may be struggling in school, may benefit from a vision therapy program. It is estimated that over 80% of what we learn in school comes through our visual system. If the visual system is not functioning efficiently, this can be an impediment to learning. A disorganized visual system can have many consequences. Here are some behaviors you may have noticed with your child:

  • Skips or repeats lines while reading
  • Blur when looking at near. Has to blink to make it clear
  • Reading comprehension is low, or declines, as the day wears on
  • Seems to take forever to complete homework
  • Double vision or overlapping words on page
  • Words run together, appear jumbled, or seem to jump around
  • Misaligns digits or columns of numbers
  • Reverses letters or words

These symptoms are not only frustrating for the child but can affect the entire family.  Studies have shown a significant improvement in both reading speed and comprehension after completing a vision therapy program. Take a moment to listen to Elise’s mom speak about their experiences after only 10 weeks of therapy by watching the video below.

A Vision Therapy Success Story

We are constantly delighted to see the incredible changes and improvements our patients experience through vision therapy.


Here’s what another patient’s (Alexander) father had to say.

“First of all, detecting what exactly the issue was with Alexander and able to articulate the problem with evidence was the key for me to start the therapy. Dr Milano has vast knowledge on vision therapy and has several different exercises from some of the easy to do exercise at home to complex exercises with modern tools that can be done in his office. I always love to hear his explanation for each of the exercises.  Alexander improved his reading, able to focus longer, increased confidence and above all he is able to complete his school work at the given time about 90% of the time compared to 30% of the time the previous year.” Thank you Dr Milano!! Regards, Uzzal (Alexander’s Father)


Caleb’s mom had some comments:

When we started Vision Therapy my son could read, but he didn’t enjoy it.  Reading was a chore for him.  After Vision Therapy he enjoys reading.  He asks to read to himself everynight before bed, and has finished several chapter books.  I’m thrilled that reading is no longer a struggle for  him.


Ashley’s mom also found some benefit:

Before Vision Therapy schoolwork was very difficult for Ashley, but everyone knew she was smart so we all believed that she was unwilling to try.  Homework was typically a 2 hour battle.  During class Ashley had every excuse to leave the room so she missed valuable learning time.  We have worked with the teachers, ruled out learning disabilities, and nothing had improved.  Who would have imagined that her eyesight was part of her struggles.  She never complained of headaches, blurry words, or having any problems seeing.  After 20 weeks of therapy Ashley is a more confident, steady, open girl who does not give up right away.  The extreme outbursts and mood swings are much less frequent.  Our house now functions normally as most families’ do.  This has also greatly impacted my marriage!!


Harini’s mom:

My daughter Harini started having frequent headaches and used to complain about double vision.  She also did not like to read.  I took her to the eye doctor and she recommended taking her to Dr. Alan Milano.  He found that my daughter had trouble keeping her eyes focused while reading.  Then we enrolled her in the 24 week Vision Therapy program.  After a few weeks I noticed she picked up a book on her own and started reading for pleasure.  This is something she never did before.  Since beginning Vision Therapy with Dr. Milano, Harini has shown remarkable improvement with her vision.  She is now able to stay focused and use both eyes together efficiently.  I really thank Dr. Milano for the excellent treatment.  He was really encouraging and patient with my daughter.  I am very certain that the outcome would have been far different had we not found out about Dr. Milano.


Eric’s mom is thrilled with his success:

Vision Therapy has mad a HUGE difference in both or son Eric’s lie, and in our family dynamics.  Before Vision Therapy home work was a daily struggle.  There was often and emotional meltdown or struggle between him and me.  Eric would rarely copy things off the board.  It was easier for him to listen or copy side-by-side.  But even that was slow and with errors….many errors.  He would be off-task in class and had some behavior problems too.  He would still be struggling and “slip between the cracks” if he had not done Vision Therapy.  The changes in Eric’s daily life have been enormous since about half way through Vision Therapy.  He is like a normal kid! He does his homework by himself, copies off the board, is able to find his own mistakes and correct them, and he loves to read now.  All of this has had a huge, positive impact on our family life.  The struggles and long, painful homework sessions are gone!  And mom does not have to hover! 

       The most important change has been in Eric’s confidence in himself and pride he takes in getting work done by himself.  Vision Therapy is such a great program because you realize you can get better at somethings that’s not easy.  It’s amazing what a  huge impact Vision Therapy has had on all of our lives, but especially in Eric’s ability to “be himself” again.  His personality & happiness are back, and  he knows he can overcome obstacles.  “Trying harder” wasn’t the answer.  Vision Therapy was


If your child is experiencing any of the above symptoms call our office for a functional vision evaluation.  In the evaluation we can determine the issues that may be impacting your child who is struggling to learn.  Seeing 20/20 only means your child can see clearly at 20 feet away.  It does not mean your child can read and comprehend well.  Seeing clearly is only one of the more than 15 visual skills necessary for proper reading and learning. Skills such as focusing, eye teaming, and tracking are critical to reading and learning.  Contact us today to learn more.

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