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How long has Dr. Milano practiced optometry?

Dr. Milano has been in practice since 1979 and opened his office in the Warm Springs area of Fremont, CA, in 1987.

Will I have to endure the glaucoma test that blows a puff of air in my eye?

Absolutely not. Dr. Milano keeps current on the latest testing procedures to ensure your exam is as comfortable as possible. The glaucoma test is performed using a numbing eye drop that allows him to screen for the problem and no discomfort is involved.

When will my new glasses or contacts be ready for pick-up?

Generally glasses are ready in 7-10 days and contacts take approximately a week. Our staff will contact you as soon as they arrive.

What is the difference between an exam for a contact fitting and glasses?

A contact fitting exam includes a computerized corneal topography procedure where the curvature of your eye is measured to gauge the contact lens measurement. You will receive training on the proper care of your lenses and insertion and removal techniques. An exam for glasses is a standard dilated exam. Please refer to the Services page for a complete review.

My vision insurance offers a set amount for frames. If I choose a less expensive frame, can I apply the difference toward an upgraded lens or accessories?

Unfortunately not. The frame allowance can only be applied to the price of the frame itself.

Do my glasses come with a warranty should they become scratched?

Yes. The polycarbonate lenses come with a one year warranty against scratches. Should your lenses be scratched, simply bring them to our office and they will be replaced.

My glasses need a small repair. Can you fix them?

We’ll do our best. Most minor repairs can be done on the spot and rarely require a fee.

I’m replacing my old glasses. What can I do with them?

Bring them to the office. We donate used glasses to the Lion’s Club to be distributed to the underprivileged.

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Patient Testimonials

Been going to Dr. Milano for several years now and I always get first-class treatment. He’s honest and gives it to you straight. His hours are flexible, which makes it convenient to schedule an appointment.

— Lon H., Fremont, CA