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eye-exam1-dr-milanoStaffed and equipped to provide comprehensive vision care, Dr. Milano’s office offers a variety of exam options and corrective prescriptions and procedures. Testing for astigmatism, retinal disorders, cataracts, dry eye syndrome, macular degeneration is performed and corneal ulcers, infections, allergies, and dry eyes are treated with expert precision.

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Our knowledgeable staff will answer any questions you may have concerning your visit. Whether you are experiencing a vision problem or discomfort, or just want to achieve peace of mind, our competent staff is ready to address your concerns and suggest the appropriate action.

From scheduling an appointment, answering questions concerning insurance, completing the exam, and even choosing the perfect frames or teaching you to care for your contact lenses, our staff is focused on achieving your best possible vision.

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Patient Testimonials

I have to say that Dr. Milano is a very caring optometrist and he’s extremely easy to talk to.

— Danreb V., San Jose, CA