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What is Myopia?

vision-therapy-girlMyopia, or nearsightedness usually begins as children around 6-12 years old and progresses for 8-10 years. Distant objects are unfocused on the retina and thus they appear blurred. If you see someone squinting to see these objects they probably have myopia. What’s occurring is that the eye is getting longer. Your optometrist will prescribe glasses or contacts but then the eye elongates again and you need to update your prescription again. This happens year after year after year.

Controlling Myopia with the Orthokeratology Night Wear Contact Lens

Using the Night Wear Correction lens procedure, commonly known as orthokeratology, you can stop or severely slow down the progression of nearsightedness. The sooner you start using the lens, the more effective and long lasting the results. If the Night Wear lens is instituted when myopia is first noticed, the patient can often go one or two nights without using the lens and still able to maintain 20/20 vision once the procedure is stabilized. You not only get the benefit of seeing clearly all day but your amount of nearsightedness is held to its current level. Patients easily adapt to the lens within the first couple days. Since we’re not blinking while sleeping the lens movement is minimized allowing for a comfortable night sleep. When you awaken and remove the lens your vision should be clear without using any eye wear and maintain that clarity throughout the day.

When Should I Start Orthokeratology?

The best time to start the orthokeratology procedure is when a child first notices blur in the distance. The sooner we treat the myopia, the lower we can keep the prescription. This is especially true if one or both parents are myopic. The incidence of nearsightedness (myopia) has almost doubled in the past 3 years. In the United States the percentage of nearsighted residents is approaching 50%. In China the percentage is over 80%.

Why is My Child Becoming Myopic?

Several factors have been implicated in the onset of myopia. The amount of close work children experience is much greater than 30 years ago. There were no computers, i-pads, smart phones, or hand held video games. The amount of homework is so great children are encouraged to get a backpack with wheels because there is so much they need for school. A decreased amount of outdoor play time also has an effect. Nutrition is also a factor in myopia. Carbohydrates and sugars should be kept to a minimum. Of course the genetics of the parents is also important.

What Else Can I Do to Control My Child’s Myopia?

Bifocal glasses have been shown to help reduce the near vision stress imposed on the visual system. This reduces the need for the eyes to become more nearsighted. Vision Therapy is an excellent addition to Ortho-K. Vision Therapy is a series of weekly training sessions in the doctor’s office to help strengthen the visual system to withstand the stresses we put on it in our everyday lives.

Why Should I Be Concerned About Myopia?

As myopia progresses there is a greater incidence of cataract, detached retina, and myopic macular degeneration. These diseases can cause blindness later in life.? All care should be taken to stop the progression of myopia.? This can be accomplished through Orthokeratology, and in some cases Vision Therapy and bifocal glasses.

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